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Searching data:
This database has a search mechanism to assist you in finding information quickly and easily. You have several search options:

1. Quick Search:
This is the simplest option. It allows you to enter broad search criteria quickly. Simply enter either a portion of the name of the Plan or the Plan's address. This kind of search is the quickest but may result in a large number of returns. You may scroll through the returned information or you can refine the search criteria. For example, if you enter sara the search would return all records in which those characters are found anywhere in either the Plan name or Plan address.

NOTE: The search mechanism is not case sensitive.

2. Restricted search:
This search option will allow you to zero in on a smaller group of returns for your search. If your quick search consists of a small number of letters you can add additional letters to narrow the search. For instance, if you used the search criteria sara your first search, this would return any Plan name or Plan address with variations of sara. Returns would include things such as Sarasota and Saratoga. If you are searching for Saratoga, entering the entire word would limit the returns to only data including the entire word Saratoga.

3. Wild Card Search:
Another method of searching is the use of the wild card. You may perform this type of search by using the percent (%) character.

For Quick searches and Restricted searches, use of a wild card is not necessary because the search mechanism automatically employs wild cards at the beginning and end of entered search terms which results in a return of any data containing the letters entered in the search. This is good enough for most searches but in rare instances a more restrictive search is necessary to enable a return of a manageable set of data.

For instance, if you were searching for 530-536 Broadway, you could enter 530. This would return all rows with a 530 anywhere in the Plan name or Plan street. This search would return over 30 possible hits, one of which is 530-536 Broadway. Entering Broadway would return all rows with Broadway anywhere in the Plan name or Plan street. This search would return over 400 possible hits, one of which is 530-536 Broadway. Choosing to use the wild card character, you would enter 530%Broadway. This search would return exactly 1 record containing 530-536 Broadway.